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How are you?

“A stupid question,” he contradicted. “Forgive me for posing it so thoughtlessly. We often discover only many years later whether life and the stars were smiling upon us or not. Life can take the most surprising turns. What seemed initially to be a misfortune can turn out later to be a blessing, and vice versa, no? I really wanted only to know how you are faring? Whether you are happy? Whether you are loved. The rest is immaterial.”

_ Jan-Philipp Sendker, A Well-tempered Heart

Stumbled across this view in Delphi, Greece #adventuring

Delphi #lifelist #greeceismyhappyplace

Must. Live. Here. (at Porto)


Down by the sea (at Porto)


Defy ephemerality. Wander not always ahead of yourself in thought, but neither dawdle in the past. It is the art of arrival. Of being in one, only one, place at one time. Of absorbing it with all of your senses. Its beauty, its ugliness, its singularity. Of allowing oneself to be overwhelmed, fearlessly. The art of being where you are.

_ Jan-Philipp Sendker, A Well-tempered Heart

Whatever we carry within us, each person is responsible for himself, for his deeds, and for his fate. There is no captivity from which we cannot release ourselves.

_ Jan-Philipp Sendker, A Well-tempered Heart

Grateful to be waking up to this #roomwithaview (at Praia da Luz - Esplanada)

So French right now #dessertfirst

Sometimes bars float (at Copenhagen, Denmark)

Cruising the Copenhagen waterways

Copenhagen @airbnb #roomwithaview

Ever-so-charming canals in Amsterdam

A cafe called Trust where you pay what you feel #happyfornoreason (at Cafe Trust)

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